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Katy has worked over the last three years to bring this book from many drafts of each chapter into a final draft, to select nearly 200 photos, mostly from Mary's work, to work with a layout artist and a publisher to bring our mother's work to the light of day.  We expect to have books ready for delivery no later than July 30, 2016.  Click on the "Contact" button at the top of the page or the "Go to Indigogo Crowd Funding site" to give use your email address.  We will keep you informed on the progress toward publication.

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 From the Preface by Mary North Allen

  For years I had been telling stories of my childhood to     anyone who would listen. They started coming back, as   stories often do, battered and bent. I should write         them, I thought, so my children will know what really       happened. The effort became the work of a lifetime.         Falling Light and Waters Turning: Adventures in           Being Human is the journey of one mind’s eye,                 commenced in a childhood close to the earth, ordained   by parents dedicated to living the good old virtues of       their Puritan ancestors. Childhood leaves me with           mysterious unease.
  We—two parents, one family friend, one ten-year-old girl and a dog—
  put rowboat into the Colorado River
  in Black Canyon,
  upstream from Boulder Canyon,
  where engineers were surveying for a new dam.